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I feel stressed, I need to improve

Stresses are the result of internal and external pressures, they can greatly impact our sporting performance

I will never be good enough!

Change this negativity to positive energy will vastly improve performances.

How do I unlock my true potential?

Unlocking true potential requires the use of a variety of techniques to release new thinking, giving top sports performances.

I don’t have the belief in myself I used to have!

We think and behave in a way consistent with our beliefs, when there is a mismatch our behavior changes.

My contribution to the team is not good enough!

When there are issues with your self esteem, we can use techniques to change the way you think.

My goal setting is poor!

Research shows that performance is linked with clear well thought out goals. Your performances will excel, but only if the goals are properly set.

My confidence is so low at the moment!

Confidence is attained by consistency and self empowering techniques.

Why is my mental strength so frail!

Poor mental toughness will adversely effect performance, learn new techniques to maximize your mental toughness.

I feel great! How do I keep this feeling?

Learn high energy techniques to give you these great feelings every time you compete.

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About graham

graham pollock sports psychologist

Graham Pollock

After 35 years in competitive sport, I now help athletes to be the very best they can be.

I help them to think differently… to act without boundaries … and to be better than they could ever have imagined on their own.

I know with absolute certainty that an athlete’s mind always says “no” before their body does. And I also know how to change that way of thinking.

The road to sporting greatness is long and hard – the physical drive required to be a champion is only half the battle and it’s the lesser half at that. But don’t take my word for it…

“I always felt that my greatest asset was not my physical ability, it was my mental ability.” Bruce Jenner. Decathlon Gold Medallist. 1976.

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Diploma in Sports Psychology

Advanced Sports Psychology

Sports Coaching

I’ve only known Graham for a few months but he has really helped me focus on my mental toughness, he has taught me great techniques to overcome anxieties and has improved my strategy for setting goals. I have a real winning mindset to all I do now

Jak Johnson

Professional Boxer

I’m at the beginning of my professional career, Graham has worked with me to build a tough and disciplined mindset, his techniques are brilliant and have changed the way I look at life, and elite sport.

Anth Ornsby

Professional Boxer

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